Dispute Avoidance

  • Commercial troubleshooting and recovery of projects
  • Independent pre-claims advice, whether to prospective claimants or respondents/defendants

Dispute Resolution

  • Advice in relation to claims preparation
  • Appointment as independent quantum expert witness
  • Acting as Adjudicator, Arbitrator or Expert Determiner

The key to successful delivery of reliable and objective advice in the context of all of the services is a firm understanding of the practical aspects of the construction process at the heart of the dispute, as well as any external factors which may be relevant to the analysis. Once this is established, a firm grasp of all facts relevant to the quantum is then crucial.

In order to communicate the analysis and opinion to clients, lawyers and any relevant tribunal (whether in the context of adjudication, arbitration or litigation) it is essential to be able to set those facts down in report format (as well as expressing them orally) in a clear and concise manner and in their proper context.

Quantum Experts ensures that these principles are followed in order to deliver high quality advice by direct involvement at every stage of the dispute resolution process from initial review, investigation and analysis, through to final report preparation